Things Nathan Can Do in New York

Boarder Trouble has turned a new leaf on the upcoming "Nathan in NYC" scenario and is now trying to help him make the most of it

Running list, feel free to add folks.

- Get A Slice of Pizza (Just like Louis CK but not bad!)
- Visit the five boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, and the other ones)
- Find out what a bodega is (New Yorkers can't get enough of them)
- Meet boarders (lol)
- Central Park (maybe? maybe not)
- See the Rays play in Yankee Stadium (ya rays)
- Get crazy from the heat (very hot summers like in Do The Right Thing)
- Dinosaur bones (are there any in New York, find them)
- Get some authentic Italian food (i'm thinking...a slice of pizza)
- Stop dead in the middle of Times Square, stick your arms out and say "I LOVE THIS TOWN!" (Maybe wait after a month or two of dating first)
nathan are you not loving new york. what's this rabble about austin?

did you do everything in this thread? are you worried about your kid having "army brat syndrome" from all this location changing?
listen to the taylor swift song